Monday, August 15, 2011



Look at any M.M. portfolio, or any other on line photography portfolio of nude models and see which ones have the most views. Crotch shots by the tens of times other images have views. Why? Because as crude as he was, Larry Flynt said it correctly, "That's what people want to see".
Even your most snobbish art freak will take a peek at the crotch shot first.
You would think that photographers of nudes would have seen enough crotches to last a lifetime. You would think they would have little interest in homing in on a crotch shot by another photographer of a model they don't even know, but they will.
Almost spooky and a little bit scary.
And I know of photographers that collect these images. Images other photographers have taken. They add them to their secret file of crotch shots they have hidden in their computer where a browsing wife would never look. Pictures! Like high school boys hiding a Playboy magazine in lawn mower shed at the back of the yard. Adults!
That said, I enjoy looking at the not so often seen parts of the female body as much as the next man. I don't collect them however, except my own images. And I don't hide them. The wallpaper on my computer is a crotch shot that I dearly love of the recently photographed Thyia. My wife wouldn't think of asking me to change it to something else. So I have no need to hide pictures from her in some multi level file that I hope she will never stumble across. And likewise I do not schedule my shoots when my wife is gone. She is more than welcome to sit in on them anytime she wants, though she rarely wants to intrude.
I think photographers that hide images from their wife and schedule shoots with young models when their wife is gone need to look seriously at their life and get a grasp on it because they are acting like school boys when they are physically grown up. There are no doubt some mental health issues or a really poor marriage involved.
Just my thoughts for this morning as I look through some blogs of others.

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