Thursday, June 9, 2011

While you can


Kat, or Bar Code as I like to call her, is another fun model, although I believe something happened to her and she no longer is active in allowing her legs to be photographed.
Although she was the one who fell off the cliff with me, I don't think those scars would have kept her from continuing. Besides, those scars where mostly to her side and back.

There is a time when people need to be in peace and quiet. It is their special time where they relax and unwind. That time needs to be respected. No banging screen doors; no vacuuming; no folding of paper shopping bags; no talking; no bustling about.
I write from the floor of my garage. Five minutes ago I was in bliss on my screen porch with a nice cigar and nothing but birds chirping as I looked out over the lake.

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We can't all live the dream.