Saturday, June 4, 2011

The tigers get to live another day

Camille getting a feel for the modeling table

I have worked with Camille three or four times now and she always amazes me for not being a model by trade. She is actually a 45 year old photographer that has assisted me on several shoots. But I always manage to talk her into getting in front of the camera before we are done.
I have no doubt we will work together at least once this summer.

There are a few things that trigger good thoughts and how wonderful it is to live in the woods. We sometimes need to stop what we are so busy scurrying about doing and pause to see what we have.
I went for a walk in the morning after it had rained all night. The sun was shinning and the woods smelled fantastic. I stopped and looked around me. I remembered being on vacation in some resort when I was a kid, walking in the woods after a rain. The smell was the same. I also remember thinking how wonderful it must be to be able to live in the woods instead of a suburb of a city. Not just visiting on a vacation, but to live there.
I took it all in and it felt great.
I'm not the ten year old boy who dug tiger pits in the woods anymore, although the thought did cross my mind for a brief second, but I do live in the woods and I can't think of a place I would rather be.

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