Monday, June 13, 2011

Pig pride

Erin ~ Beautiful Ribcage

In a few days I will be shooting on the north shore of Lake Superior for the first time this year. I have the most prestigious campsite reserved for four nights. It sits atop a 200 foot cliff over looking the lake and the shoreline. you have a grand view of Shovel Head to the north and Palisade Head to the south. You are camped right on the cliff edge, so what you do not want to do is drink too much in the evening. Wandering out of your tent at night to relieve yourself could easily put you in a bloody mess on the rocks 200 feet below. It is definitely a, DRINK IN MODERATION campsite.
I had to reserve it exactly one year in advance to get this place, and it is a walk in campsite. All gear is carried in for better than a mile. Hence I have two models lined up to work with me for those days. I need gear haulers.
I will pack in the cast iron cook wear and the big stoves. I don't own back pack camp gear as I find that stuff more than useless. You haul it in and it is so small you can't use it for anything.
If I have to make ten trips I will get it all there so I can cook and sleep in comfort. I probably will pack in in the neighborhood of three hundred pounds of gear for this shoot. Well, me and the gals.

I agree. I want, "Pigs make the best life partners" flag flown at the state capital.
How insane is this country getting? People with abnormal sexual behaviors get to fly flags at Federal buildings. This country is seriously whacked with insane behavior.
Any attempts at justifying this behavior puts one on par with Sarah Palin and needs to be put down.

I am having one hell of a time making a capital "I" on this new keyboard. It comes out "i" 80% of the time and I have to back up and try again. Probably my hands don't make the connection properly and not the keyboard's fault, but it is driving me nuts. So if you see "i" where "I" should be, I'm not acting like a 18 year old texting, I just can't stretch my hand far enough to get it right. But I am trying.


Sunshine in the Desert said...

Geez - I've always said I was a "pack mule" in my design business. Not it's drifted over into modeling as well!

crystalline said...

Well I'm still somewhat young.

Work Needed: "Carry supplies for second shooter position"