Sunday, June 19, 2011

Outhouse blues

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So I decided that since the outhouse was taking on a new mode I should put cedar shake shingles on it. After all with a tiled floor and windows and my new chandelier it deserved nothing less.
What a m pain in the ass that turned out to be!
All I have left to do is put in the screens at the gable peek and it is done.
I will be glad to see this project come to an to speak.
If anyone ever does use the damn thing I may just wonk them over the head with a shovel.

I see the police watch dog that likes to complain about the police not following the law is now complaining about the police in Illinois following the law.
Guess he just wants the police to do what he thinks is best and the laws really don't enter into it. Or he just likes to complain about law enforcement. Sort of like a constant rant about how crooked attorneys are.


RandJ-Photo said...

You did dig a hole under the seat before renovating didn't you?

Shadowscapestudio said...

Wife used it today and complained it was backing up. Guess I didn't dig it deep enough.