Thursday, June 16, 2011

No trout


Another image of my photographer friend, Camille. I got her to once more pose for me while we were working on the north shore of Lake Superior.
As I recall, she shot me in the same pose, but I don't believe it looked half as good as this one of her.
Well, maybe half.

The Illinois Tollway System, which is the lousiest toll road system in the entire U.S., has announced it is already going to upgrade their automatic toll collection from transponders to cameras that read the licence plates. This upgrade will cost an additional billion dollars so the toll will need to be increased.
I was there in the 50s when Illinois said they would only have tolls for five years and then they would be doing away with all tolls.
The Illinois Tollway System is by far the worst run Government organization in Illinois, and that is saying a lot. There is nothing honest about Illinois Government anything.
Of course no body cares about this increased toll, unless you travel on the Illinois Tollways.
I did, but I won't anymore.
I bet most of you do not know that if you are visiting from out of state and do not have a prepaid transponder in your car the tolls cost you twice as much if you pay cash at the booths. A really nice welcome for visiting people to the lovely state of Illinois.

My trip to the trout lake the other day was nice, even though I did not catch a trout. A few large mouth bass that were fun to catch and release, but no trout.
It was hot and I burnt my arms in the sun.
Still, I may go back in a few days and give it another go. Rainbow for dinner is still in the back of my mind.

I resent the misuse of the word, VIRTUALLY that has been going on now for some years.
Seems everyone want to use that word to relate to some computer version, or computer generated version of something.
Now CNN is doing it. "But if you're in North America, Greenland or Siberia, you'll have to view it virtually."
Virtually what? Finish the damn sentence.
Who are these idiot editors that work at CNN? Did CNN hire them from Flunky School?
World is going to Hell In A Hand Basket.


RandJ-Photo said...

They're doing the same thing here in Florida. I resisted the transponders at first as they eliminated jobs. Now they're spending big bucks to eliminate the transponders, (which we eventually bought), with the cameras.

This morning news had an article about the red light cameras, (another pet peeve of mine). It seems that the red light camera law they passed in Florida rendered the existing red light law unconstitutional as the fine for a camera ticket is about half for one issued by an officer. OOPS!

The trick to the toll cameras is to travel during rush hour when the traffic is so congested the cameras can't see your tag number.

Shadowscapestudio said...

I have discovered they do not follow up on rental cars with the red light cameras. So if you are in a rental car you can have a bit of fun.