Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Camille ~ midnight light painting on the river

A little movement in her left arm on this one, but it is damn hard to keep perfectly still for a seven minute exposure.
The real trick was to light the river and waterfall in the background without making it look like it was done with a strobe or lighting too much of the rocks. Just me and my flashlights stumbling about in the darkness and falling face down into the river at night.
You can bet that I got very wet creating this image. Enough so that I didn't have it in me to do a second take. Also Camille was bleeding like a stuck pig and the area was awash with crimson. We called it a night after this shot.

Illinois folds. Another state folds to the limp wrists.
What's next? Incest with parent and child? Why not. Bring it on. Bring it all on. Let's give parent/child health care; paternal rights.
Hell, lets do away with anything that was once a moral idea.
Oh, and can I get my goat health care too? Just wondering... He is my partner.

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