Saturday, April 30, 2011

Okay. I think I am done. Maybe.

Street Urchin

I'm leaning toward, "Maybe I have picked up Lyme disease in the last month".
For the last ten or twelve days I have gotten increasingly more achy to the point where I am having some serious difficulty moving about.
I will give it a few more days and if things don't turn for the better I will head to someone who knows more than I do about this.
Could be that I am just getting o.....................o.......................ol........................old.

The above image is that of a street urchin, for lack of a better term. She is living in her broken down car in the parking lot of a community college. And when I say living in her car, I mean living in her car.
She spent three days with me modeling. She ate well, had a nice place to sleep at night, got to take a couple of baths, and experienced some things she probably never would have in the way of scenery within a couple of hours from where she holed up at night.
She was very excited the entire time we were working, wanting to try just about everything I mentioned in the way of ideas. And she was willing to climb rock walls to get to cracks like this one when it was 30 degrees.
But I'm slipping.
Time to move on and forget that retched ingrate of a couple of days ago. I would rather photograph a rotting squirrel carcass.

This evening I will drop of the wife's car at the body shop once again. Deer 2, Wife 2.
But for the deductible we pay we could have bought an entire, prime, Black Angus steer, and it would have at least been eatable.


abigailic said...

Are you gonna take you ass to the doctor for a blood test?


Shadowscapestudio said...

In a couple of days if things don't get better, I will, if for no other reason than you will get grumpy with me if I don't.

Sunshine in the Desert said...

I'm not gonna ask - just GET your ass to the doctor Mr. Swanson!

Hugh Alison said...

Lyme is an absolute bastard if you get it - tests only give you a positive in about 30% of chronic cases - took us 5 years before we finally got a positive test result for my wife - from iGenex in California (the UK tests are completely useless).

Probably the best "test" is 2 weeks on antibiotics - if you feel worse after 48 hours (because of the Herxheimer reaction), then better by the end of the two weeks, here's a high chance it's Lyme if your clinical history fits as well.

Then start thinking in terms of 3-4 months on antibiotics to treat it.