Friday, April 29, 2011

I need to start hanging out with professionals

Somebody is enthusiastic about working in April
33 degrees that morning
(Or maybe she was trying to just keep her feet off the cold ground)

Well that was a trip, so to speak.
I blame myself. I let myself be talked into working with a teenager. She told me she was very mature and responsible. I should have known better.
She was just another teenager who blows things off because she, Doesn't want to.
A mature person would have said, I made a commitment, and even though I am going to be uncomfortable and miserable, I need to carry through with that commitment. A mature person would have realized the trouble and expense that had been gone though by the other party involved, also.
The teenager no doubt said to herself on the way home, "After all, it is not like he was paying me."
That is the way teenagers think. She probably was not saying to herself, "I have a responsibility because I made a commitment that has resulted in a lot of work and expense for someone else, and, as a responsible person I need to carry though with my commitments even though it is going to be uncomfortable, and may cause me money.
And there are no doubt her regular photographers that will be telling her she did the right thing in order to stay on her good side because they haven't quite talked her into that crotch shot they are looking for yet.
The world is full of deceptive and self serving people who really don't care about anything but themselves.
Okay, enough ranting about useless teenage, wannabe models and photographers that don't allow their own wives access to the top levels of their websites for fear of what they would see.
I shall try and not let myself be talked into it again.
Think 30+ Swanson!

It looks to be a nice day and I may get the pontoon boat ready to shove in the lake.

Tomorrow: Gerts Tavern shows up on the County website for delinquent back taxes.


Z said...

I sure would miss the ranting, if it ever stopped. Love it!

D.L. Wood said...

As I see it
- your were not on the list of photographers she would (have) die(d) for.
- you didn't brings your BASKETS.
- and she was just not clear in her profile. She likes water, rocks, trees and mud. But she forgot to mention only when it's 80 degrees, sunny and no wind.

D.L. Wood

crystalline said...

I too have had dealings with this one. Scheduled for TF (I had to pick her up and bring her to the studio... 3.5 hrs drive time total) Then she changed her mind and wanted to charge PLUS pick her up.

I laughed. I told her have fun you'll be gone within a year.