Saturday, April 23, 2011

I need some alone time


My kitchen stove is 40+ years old and although it is beat to crap it still functions well. However, a couple of days ago we bought a new one. Maybe just to make the place look better. I don't know.
If anyone has ever seen my car (Golden Hooves) you will know that I have trouble parting with a loyal friend, so the old stove will be retired not to the junk heap, but the studio, where it will keep the tea pot boiling for the wife and I while we work out there. It will also make for a place we can do up a pizza without having to stop working and come into the house.
Of course this project will entail me running 50 amp service about 100 feet to install the old beast in the studio. And that will mean I will have to crawl through 3 feet of blown in insulation in the attic. Fun!!!!!!
I can look for my $45.00 pair of lineman's pliers I lost up there last time I was crawling around in the stuff.

Things I am tired of hearing:

"All this crap made in China"
We wouldn't have all this crap made in China if you didn't buy it. So shut up!

"Goes viral"
This is the stupidest catch phrase of the decade. Every news agency uses it at least twice a day and morons have begun using it like they knew what VIRAL meant last year.
If you are so basic brained to use that term you are automatically categorized by me as having no mental capacity to think on your own.

22 hours for the last round of cook down with the maple syruping. Enough is enough. I am done and do not care to ever see another maple tree for the rest of my life.
Like everything else this family does, they do it to excess and what fun might have been involved in doing something becomes painful. More good times are spoiled by overdoing with them. If a little is good, lots must be better. Only lots is anything but better. Lots is tiring and hateful.
My idea of maple syruping in my retirement years was to spend a day, maybe two at it and have enough to last me the rest of the year. Not two solid weeks at it from 4am until 10pm every stinking day. That is hateful. That is not what I had in mind for my old age.

I wish the world would quit trying to make energy efficient stuff. Why? Because they don't work.
We have toilets that don't flush everything so you have to flush it again. That wastes water.
We have funky light bulbs that you can't read by.
We have cars that save us $10./month at the pumps but cost us three times as much to buy.
Who is really making out with all this supposed energy efficient stuff? The manufactures are. We are just blindly nodding our heads in agreement that this is the way we should be moving.
Well not me. You won't find me on a street corner toting water saving measures and fuel saving measures. I want to live not spend my day trying to make shit go down the toilet.

Coming tomorrow.....
"I want to marry my gold fish and have health care benefits for her/him."

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Ian said...

I am a walking contradiction when it comes to efficiency (well, automobile efficiency, that is); my two beloved 1970s era Ford Broncos get about 10 mpg while my hybrid Honda Insight (relatively inexpensive at $19,000) returns 46 mpg. At a glimpse it would seem that the Honda is much more efficient until you factor in that both Broncos have been around and functioning for 30 years.

As for stuff made in China, I have been boycotting that stuff for two years. The light came on one day at work when I compared an old alligator clip made in the U.S. with a newer one made in China. The Chinese one was noticeably thinner but no doubt cost Uncle Sam the same as the better quality American one.