Friday, December 24, 2010

Time to pull it?

Erin ~ On The Cascade

I have finally hit that magical number of views of an image on M.M. Ten thousand.
Of course it is not because of my talent, more because of a beautiful crotch and the fact that it is in other peoples lists (because it is a crotch).
I do not believe that image has ever generated a model contacting me and therefore really should be pulled down and replaced with something that would generate model interest. After all, isn't that the reason for having the portfolio in the first place? Otherwise you are just flaunting your work for your own ego.
I will sit on that thought over the weekend. I do believe it is time to pull it down and off other peoples lists that have it there because it is a crotch.
So you don't have to go looking:

All experiences are great if you live through them. If it kills you, you have gone too far.

Seems to me that most of the problems in this world are the result of oil. Wars, pollution, global warming and we have been pretty good at heading away from oil with wind power and electric vehicles.
Now this.
Why? Why is the Government thinking of doing this and creating more of a need for oil when we are working so hard to get away from it?
Need anybody take the time to think that out? Money. Congress needs the money from the oil companies and if they are going to try and make the people happy with their electric cars they need to compensate the oil companies by allowing them to building this giant pipeline.
They wouldn't let car companies go under. You think they would let oil companies go under?
They are going to bail oil companies out no matter what. That is where the big money is.
They are just putting on a dog and pony show for us with mandating vehicle emissions while they are taking care of their oil company friends.
Ah, but this oil is not going to be used here. It is going to be shipped to other countries, you say.
Does it matter to global warming where the oil is burnt? Be it here or some other country?
And all for the profit of the oil industry which will give some of the money back to the politicians for allowing it to happen.
Yep. I love this Government.


RandJ-Photo said...


I was wondering why gas is going over $3/gallon. Now I know. It's to justify building this pipeline that will never decrease the cost of oil, only change which pocket the money goes into.

But I have to disagree with you. It's not the government running the country. It's big business running a pseudo-government to maximize profits. And a population with a room temperature IQ that allows it.

A few months ago I got into an online discussion where I used the example of lead additives in gasoline and the politics behind it. Researching that subject alone uncovered so much BS that goes on unknown by the public.

I even came across an FTC report on the damage done by cover ups of research and development by corporate interests. This goes back through the past century so it's not just this administration. It's a mind set that won't die.


abigailic said...

Yea! No more snatch :)