Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Cheryl & I

It is getting time to enter work to the Kinsey Institute Juried Show.
I'm a little concerned that this year's jurors are two of the three from last year. And I know the one does not allow nude work in the gallery that she directs, so that one baffled me last year and really baffles me this year. But it does explain why last years work was mostly abstract.
Cheryl and I shot a few that may be contenders for this years show but I need to go through them with a fine tooth comb and sort things out to play against these two jurors. I have dealt with the man many times in the past and I won't have a problem with him, but that lady I have only dealt with twice and neither time ended well for my work.

I'm really disliking this LCD computer screen. One of the higher end ones but still not close to my old CRT for accuracy even when calibrated. Some things are not for the better. Computer monitors are one of those. They take up less space and are lighter but that is about it for the plus side.

If we don't have a Civil War soon some other country should just take us over because this Government is running the U.S. right into the ground. And it has nothing to do with Demarcates or Republicans, it has to do with a corrupt form of a once viable Government that went wrong. It has turned on its master (the people).

I'm sitting here like I am almost every night. I have a built in nightmare system that wakes me up every damn night of my life around 3am. You would think after 25 years my body would adapt and let me sleep, or let me be. I've paid the price many times over.

I possibly have an opportunity to go to southern California this winter. I will be driving. Not going through a TSA check point at an airport, the closest thing to a German prison camp since WWII. No, I can still drive a car, and it is not a matter of life and death that I get there in the same day. Heck, there is a lot of beautiful country between northern Minnesota and southern California that I wouldn't mind seeing up close. Might even stop here and there and shoot with some models from various parts of the country.
You can have airplanes and the TSA. I can live happily without them.

I agree that we (Everybody) should quit calling this the war on terror. It is not a war on terror. It is a religious war that has terrorists in it. So lets start calling it a religious war and quit trying to make it sound Hollywood and not a Christian issue.
And let's start putting the blame where it should be. You gawd damn Christians are the ones these people are fighting. Not me. Not my neighbors. Not my friends.
I would greatly appreciate it if you would kindly take your fight somewhere else so I can get on an airplane once again without being grouped.


RandJ-Photo said...

Dave, I'm surprised you missed the point of the war(s).

Afghanistan was originally an oil, gas and mineral war where we funded the locals to fight the Russians and hopefully chase them out of the country so we could have all of the goods. Which they did only to turn on us as they know we're not any better.

Iran was about a gas pipe line. This spilled over into Iraq when we dumped on our previous ally, Saddam Hussein after deciding not to back him against Iran.

The marketing guys re-branded it as a war on terror and use religion as a convenient motivator.

What we're seeing is actually an attempt to overthrow us by a unapparently organized group we refer to as insurgents. They're pitted against us, us being the financial conglomerate of North America, Europe and maybe Australia.

Which also is entrenched against a goodly portion of their own customer base through excessive interest rates and predatory lending practices.

The best way out of this I see is not through violence but by living humbly and paying cash for our needs. Our taxes would be lower due to decrease income and there would be no great source of funding available from large corporations to back these aggressions from either side.

Truth be known it's probably our own money coming back to haunt us through international trade in manufactured goods and drugs.

OOPS, I'm ranting. Sorry about that.

markamorrison said...

Have to agree with Rand except to note that many of the people fighting against us are doing so because of our support of Israel. That comes out of the cold war. Although the Christian Right has been very supportive of that policy for its own End of the World reasons the government mostly cares about the political aspects, i.e. Israel is still the most powerful military in the region.