Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Dynamic Duo

Electric vehicles. We seem to be all excited about electric vehicles.
When I was a child growing up in Chicago all the buses in Chicago were electric. All of them. Hundreds of them. That was back in the 50s.
No!, you say.
Yes, I say.
All buses were electric.
Then they went to stinky diesel buses that put out a cloud of black smoke when they pulled away from every stop.
Progress they called it.
Now the world is on an electric vehicle kick, and the new generation thinks they are the ones moving forward with electric vehicles, but, it is the second time around, not the first.

Made a batch of Smokin Hot Blueberry - Jalapeno jam last night. Wow! This stuff will not last long around here. Give me a box of crackers and a good movie and watch it disappear.
Okay, several movies and several boxes of crackers.

Remember, there is more to life than just eating mice.

Where are all you hypocrites who yell about freedom of speech?
Freedom of speech???? No such thing in this country anymore. You gave up that right when you allowed this Government to make exceptions to the Constitution and tell us what we can see with our own eyes. No matter what you think of child pornography it was still freedom of speech but you allowed them to make exceptions. That turned our Constitution into whatever society deems is appropriate at the moment, and we all know that changes faster than men's ties.
Yeah, the guy is a creep. Yeah, every mother in the country should probably smack him with a tomato when he walks by.
Sent to jail? You want more exceptions to the rule. Freedom of speech is only okay if....
Freedom of speech is not about what you think is okay and not okay, or what most people think is okay or not okay. It is not a democracy, it is an article of our Constitution that ensures each of us that we have the ability to say (write) whatever we want without fear of persecution.
If this guy is convicted we might just as well burn our Constitution because it will mean nothing.
His writing of this book is no more illegal than writing a book on how to hold up a bank; build a bomb; steal a car; or cheat on your taxes. Yep, it probably is found to be more offensive to the public, but it is not any more illegal. And we don't arrest people for writing a book on how to cheat on your taxes.
I have crosses Florida and Colorado off as states I will ever set foot in again because Freedom of Speech does not exist in those states.


RandJ-Photo said...

What really bothers me is that a grandstanding sheriff in Polk county can initiate the crime by having his deputies order the book by mail!

Why couldn't the Colorado guys just go over and shoot him? But then they suckered someone else into taking the heat for freedom of speech.

If this book was truly that bad the Feds should have been able to get him for sending pornography through the mail.

Sunshine in the Desert said...

Ahhh the curmudgeon I know and love. I'm commenting because I love the damn image AND the great title!