Friday, December 17, 2010

Ode to a past muse

So I was trying desperately to photograph the city of Phoenix one year. I climbed this gawd damn mountain in 90+ degree weather for hours so I could get above the city and look down on the entire valley. One of the few days a year when it was not covered with a blanket of smog.
Just as the shutter goes off another nakid chick steps in front of the camera and I get this. Half a city. Seconds later the place was blanketed with smog once again and I never did get the shot I wanted.

Sarah Jean was my muse for several years and she traveled around the country with me on many a road trips. We camped most of the time with an occasional motel thrown in to regroup and give our bodies a rest, plus she enjoyed watching TV and about four days in the field was all she could take before TV withdrawals set in.

Morning Stretch

I probably have some 5 thousand images of Sarah Jean and I can only recall one where her face showed. There might have been a half dozen over the years but I don't remember them and I'm not about to go looking through all of them to see.

With Clem and Shorty

There were several reasons we choose not to show Sarah Jeans face in our work. First, she had a face that looked like she was closer to twelve than 20. Second was that I think a face often distracts the viewer from what you want them to be concentrating on. It is fine if you are shooting portraits, but when you are shooting landscapes with a nude in them the concentration should not be on the model's face.

Washing the sleep away

The top three images today were taken in Arizona. This bottom one was taken from our camp site one morning somewhere in Missouri as Sarah Jean freshened up in the river. It was one of the prettiest places we pitched our tent that trip and I thought of how nice it would be to stay right there for a few more days.

Sarah Jean now resides in Studio City, California for those lucky photographers that live out there.


WildePics said...

When you're out to see your Moose maybe you should visit former Muse too. Maybe a dual shoot?

Shadowscapestudio said...

Because I would have to drive through L.A.