Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I bought the farm on __________

Heather ~ Little America Falls

Heather was a neighbor gal that would often model for me when she and her husband lived here in the 1990s and up until about 2005. She was in her mid 40s when this image was taken at Little America Falls, which is about 20 miles from here.
We often used that location for shooting when we had just a few hours in which to work. A short drive and relatively remote with only an occasional fisherman as a spectator.

Got to thinking about obituaries and how boring most are written. I think I will write my own so they (?) will have something to put in the paper when I go tits up. Something fun but true that will make people laugh rather then be sad.
Being somewhat of a daredevil I may even include my last words: "Watch this."
I think everybody should be made to write their own obituary, that way we can tell who really was a jerk, or an egotistical bastard, or a cool person that we would have like to have known. And there would be no, cover your ass rebuttal.

"Hey. I'm Dave Swanson and I shit the bed on Tuesday July 12th. I lived twice as long as I thought I would and three times as long as I should have.
I'm sorry to my family for all the hours I spent in the tavern and not being home with them.....But then again, I did drink one hell of a lot of beer!"

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Sunshine in the Desert said...

That's a bit weird. Heather looks like me from the back. Only difference - I would have a pointed toe. Goes to show you one naked body looks exactly like the next!