Monday, December 27, 2010

Don't stand in my way as I leave town or you will get run over


I should be getting ready to head home when you read this.
I have lost most of my mental facilities during the last three days and have succumb to zombie city life. If I were to stay here any longer I would no doubt end up a street person, living out of dumpsters and pan handling on corners. All you possess as a human being is quickly stripped from you amid these wretched souls. How anyone can maintain the least bit of dignity while living amongst these creatures is beyond me.
I look forward to my home that has no locks, my car that I do not have to hunt for the key to because it is in the ignition where it always has been, and maybe a note on my dinning room table from someone in the area telling me what they borrowed out of my garage.
There will no doubt be a UPS package sitting on the kitchen counter that was delivered while I was gone, and maybe an apple or two less than was sitting there when I left.
If it has snowed someone will have kindly plowed out my driveway so I can get in, and I will no doubt be short a couple of beers from the frig.
There are people who claim to like living in the cities. Must be the restaurants because it certainly can't be for any other reason. And somehow a nice place to eat just doesn't come close to comparing with living like a human being should.


Lin said...

Well said! I agree entirely.
I've just returned from seven hours in the city - and that was bad enough. Well done for surviving three whole days!

abigailic said...

Nope, no one actually likes it there!!!! The "nice" places to eat aren't really worth it

Sunshine in the Desert said...

Glad you're home again. Maybe it will put you in a better mood. . .