Monday, November 1, 2010

Teen Sex


Well we certainly had an interesting day yesterday.
Oral sex for teens on CNN, and Ron Howard's statement in his new movie, "electric cars are gay".
For some reason certain people are taking offense to that line. But then, they are not normal human beings. Certainly the gay people don't have an issue with it, just the gay rights people who are pretending to back the gay people. Pretenders are the worst. Most of them are parents of a gay (or wannabe gay) child and get carried away.
The fact that people get upset over Ron Howard's line is stupid. Beyond stupid.
I'm for oral sex for the teens. Go for it with all the gusto you have. You are only that age once in life and you might as well get as much out of it as you can.
And regular sex is not a bad thing either. Actually it makes for a nice way to pass an evening.

I dislike most photographers because most of them are crappy and their reason for being a photographer is suspicious.
You see them on Model Mayhem all the time. The first twelve people listed as friends on a new model's portfolio. These are the ones.

Yepper, I'm for oral sex whenever possible. Gets the job done.


WildePics said...

I'm for oral sex for seniors myself, let the teens suffer like I did.

RandJ-Photo said...

Young sex seems to be the blog topic tonight. Came across this link comparing US to European attitudes about teen sex.

D.L. Wood said...

"Oral sex is often a precursor to teenagers having intercourse, concludes a new study...."

Really...They spent money to find that enlightened they must be now...because they must not have been having much sex least with any oral sex included with it. As Bill Engvall says - "Here's your sign."

And I'm in total agreement with Wildpics.

D.L. Wood