Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You can't change the Government with votes

This Government is too big. It has taken over the people's rights to control it. It no longer can be controlled by the people. We(the people) can not reduce spending. We can not control the costs of Government. We can not reduce our national debt. We can not control our military. All this is run and controlled by the Government we fought so hard in the 1700s to have some handle on. Something that would not get out of hand. But it has and we no longer have any control over it what-so-ever. It is a money eating, war hungry machine that has gotten out of hand and will bring this country to destruction.
In a couple of hundred years tourists will no longer go to Rome to see the ruins of an empire. They will come here. They will see what is left of the White House, The Capital, The Pentagon.
They will take picture of their girlfriends on the steps of the White House, a once powerful force in the world, but now just rubble.
Where will these people be from that come here on vacation to visit the ancient ruins of a once great nation?
Sweden? Possibly.


RandJ-Photo said...

Eisenhower coined the phrase "Military Industrial Complex" when he warned us about this.


Stppenwolf warned us again with their song Monster - Suicide -America

Every politician as far back as I can remember campaigns on these same issues. But not a damn one of them changes any of it.

I'm with you. Election time and all of the campaign ads make me physically sick to my stomach.

WildePics said...

I must differ with you while agreeing with you. Politicians all lie, that's a given, but their underlying philosophies or just plain gullibility and stupidity can have a real effect, just not the one they claim to be striving for.

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Shadowscapestudio said...

I respect your ideas. Far fetched as they are. We have lost control. We, no longer control anything to do with the Government.
Yes, you might vote in who you want, but that doesn't mean crap these days. Who you vote in can't change anything either. The system is set in place, and it will run its course.
There has never been a power in the history of the world that lasted. Why do we think this one is going to be different.
Government is a self feeding organization that creates destruction.
History. History. History.
We do not learn from it.