Saturday, October 2, 2010

Morning thoughts

In Your Arms

It is time to do battle with the beavers. They have dammed up the creek that runs from the lake in my front yard to the lake in my back yard with about a hundred foot long dam. The water is rising fast and will be over the top of my road soon.
I have battled with the beavers before for this reason and it is always an exhausting battle. I tear out a part of the dam during the day, which is not easy to do for those who have never attempted to remove a mud and stick foundation, and the beavers work all night rebuilding it.
The only real solution is to remove the beavers from the equation.
Visions of Caddy Shack with Carl attempting to battle the gofer comes to mind.

The history of the U.S. military can be summed up as such: Sodomy; drugs; rape; sodomy.
Seems we have come full circle.
At least the fun part for most of us is coming next.
After we get over this hump we are in, enlistment should boom.

Ever notice that parents of gay children become very vocal for gay rights. Trouble is they were never vocal for it before they found out their child was gay.
And the children that are playing gay because it is a fashionable thing to do these days, I wonder if their parents will remain gay activists when Suzie Q decides she is no longer gay and wants to be heterosexual again.

I don't have any gay children but I think people should be allowed to do whatever it is they want to do, but don't expect everyone else to change the laws to fit your special needs. If Billy likes to have sex with a goat, he should go for it.
I'm not in favor of making it okay for the goat to get health insurance benefits however.

Taking a day off from chopping firewood. It is Saturday and the wife is home and I just want to hang out with her doing as little as possible.

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D.L. Wood said...

They are stubborn. You gotta get to the dam early if your gonna try and get them to build it somewhere else by ripping it out. Once they get it all the way across and out of the water you pretty much have to remove them.

My favorite beaver remover would be a nice scope of your choice on a thirty-ought-six. Mine was a Remington. Although my grandfather was partial to his Model 94 thirty-thirty with a peep sight.

The worse thing I felt was that they kill a lot of trees they don't use. But then the backwater does make a nice trout pond sometimes until it silts up.

D.L. Wood