Saturday, September 11, 2010

i m kool

Smell the Roses
I do get it. I do get where this country went wrong.

"My name is lexi..i go to onalaska high school and i will be a senior this coming year!! i am the captin of my cheerleading squad, luv haning wit friends and parting it up for sure:)..iam a fun and shy girl at times."

Just maybe she should have paid a little more attention in English class. Or maybe she has been "parting it up" a bit too much.

This was from one of the last models to sign up on M.M. as a nude model. OMG!
We coddle to this imbecile writing that Facebook people have adapted. We think it is a normal way in which to communicate.

One more reason I will never, ever be a member of Facebook. I don't want to be associated with these people. In any way, shape or form.


RandJ-Photo said...

She is a senior in high school and listing as a nude model? Well she probably is well over 18.

One thing about the draft with a war going on is that it provides incentives to study.

But she can always get a job creating words for the Google verification. Today's word is endamst. Which even Google can't find.

D.L. Wood said...

Oh she will do great in life working at McDonalds where she won't have to think or say much more than - Can I help you? - Do you want to super size that? - that will be 10.95.

I'm sure a few GWC would shoot her but I don't know if any pro photographer would what to do nudes of a 16 year old in this present climate of 2257.

And yes U R Kool 8-)

D.L. Wood

Stiff Man said...

I have a son that is finishing Middle School this year. What you wrote in you post was exactly what kids his age are writing... and the teachers aren't correcting it.

- Jeff