Friday, March 26, 2010



When we were kids we liked to race things. Turtles, toy cars, sleds, bicycles, anything that we could each have one of, or each could make. One of our favorite things to race was bottles. It was reserved for wintertime and the hunt for the perfect bottle went on all summer. Ditches were scoured in search of a fast bottle.. Our only requirement that it had to be a fifth or larger. Needless to say all the bottles we raced were either hard liquor or wine bottles.
When the perfect one was located it was taken home and the label soaked off it still had one. The glass was cleaned and it was inspected for flaws. Then it was placed in a secure location (back of my closet) until the dead of winter.
When there was a good foot on snow on the ground we assembled our little band of hoodlums down at the railroad tracks with our bottles. The tracks were elevated on a dirt embankment some fifty feet up. It was the perfect place to race sleds and bottles. Each of us took our bottle and using it made a chute in the snow for the bottle to ride in, much like a bobsled track. Then we all climbed back to the top and warmed the bottle against our bodies for a half hour so they would run faster. And each bottle had a cool name like, Flash or The Blue Flame.
It was something to do.
Kids these days don't have the ability to think of something to do, they let electronics do all the thinking for them. They are missing out on some of the best times in a life to look back on. I wonder just what they will look back on that they did in their childhood that they remember with fondness.


RandJ-Photo said...

Bottle racing sounds like a lot more fun than just throwing each other down the side of the road embankment. (Which we though was cool.)

Shadowscapestudio said...

We were known from time to time to give someone a little shove. It is fun watching their legs accelerate on the way down in a hopeless attempt to keep up with their body.